Lehooo is the part of Le(hoo)o that produces the art, comments on it and occasionally writes about others’ productions…

Look at his output over here.

His counterpart is Leo Horovitz.

These are his latest posts:

We Only Look Like We’re Ready…

…basically just posing, not fit for fight at all…

(And here’s another one for you today! After the sketches posted in batches comes a complete drawing deserving of it’s own update in the feed. I’ll post another one tomorrow. Regular comics will resume soon enough, probably next week…)

A bunch of simpler drawings have been uploaded…

…but I didn’t want to flood the feed of the subscribers so I hid them from it and decided to link to all of them here instead. Have a look! They’re not exactly sketches, they’re more polished than that, but they’re still not complete drawings exactly. I’ll continue hiding simpler drawings and sketches from the feed and instead posting about them in batches like this:

Stop, You're Not Abstract Enough...I'm a Geometric Wonder but My Arms are Too Long.Where Did My Head Go Wrong?

Stop, You’re Not Abstract Enough…

…too concrete, get yourself fixed up and try again. This is an exclusive establishment, we can’t let in just anyone!

(This was accidentally drawn on the back of my sketchbook, I thought it was one of the papers, but after finishing I realized I’d drawn on the thick cardboard back of the book. Just in case, you’re interested in such details… which you aren’t…)

Forests’re Nice

I did something different here for a change, a regular, simple, nice forest scene.

(The title is an obscure reference to a small scene in Chrono Trigger, billions of bonus points for anyone who recognizes it!)

I’ve Been Neglecting You My Pretties!

Hi! Remember me? I’m the guy who used to supply you with comics and entertainment and shit! Still nothing new on the comics but I have a whole bunch of drawings I made these last few months that I still haven’t gotten around to scanning, so going to upload a few of those each day for the rest of the week and then I’ll see about getting started on the comics again next week. I know I’ve said similar things before and then failed to deliver, but I’m scanning as we speak so I won’t disappoint this time!