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Christmas Party at Your Place!

Earliest update ever! (I think…)

The story here is that tomorrow (well, technically today, but anyway) is Christmas Eve, which is the day we celebrate Christmas in Sweden, in contrast to America and (I think) most of the rest of the world. That being the case, I’ll be busy eating, watching TV and getting presents during the whole day, midday and evening, respectively. Hence, I started drawing this today. Because I didn’t feel as rushed as usual, I put a lot more effort into this, and I think (and hope) it shows!

I’m actually very satisfied with it. I contemplated not doing any shading at first seeing as how it had already taken several hours from my life and caused a bit of wear on my wrist, but then I thought “in for a penny, in for a pound” and shaded it fairly hastily (but that turned out okay too I suppose). Consider this your Christmas present from me, to you! If you want to return the favour, get me a beer, either by sending one through the mail, or (preferably) by proxy through a small donation by way of my handy PayPal button up there in the top of the sidebar.

I’ll stop wasting the time of the two of three people looking at this (and the one and a half actually reading the text below the comics) now. Merry Christmas (or whatever else you might like to call it)!


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