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These are the Faces

Aaaand… finally, there’s a new comic! I never got one done this Friday because I was busy setting up my new computer. I now have a tiny little netbook with a 10 inch screen. I’ve gotten used to the screen size very quickly, and I love how portable it is, but I no longer have a tablet, which is sad…

On the bright side, I was forced to draw the outlines by hand again (just like I did in the beginning) which brings the quality up a bit! I love working completely digitally because of the freedom you get from not having any physical constraints, but I can’t escape the fact that my tablet pc just didn’t have the same precision as I get with my good old fashioned Rotring pen. It was more time consuming, but not as much as I expected, I think this will work out fine. Now, if only I could come up with some good new theme for my comics so I wouldn’t have to keep throwing out these random meaningless things anymore…


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