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The Gift of Experimentation

Okay, a bunch of different things here.

a new Squares & Bubbles, really?
You bet!
It didn’t start out as that, but as I continued drawing the random character and thought about what he could possible do or think or say, this idea developed in my head and I soon realized it fitted in with the rest of the Squares & Bubbles, hence, the choice of series.

Second, the choice just mentioned is indicative of another trend that might or might not grow here in the future. Namely, that I’ll jump between series haphazardly according to my mood and imagination. Get used to it, I’m unreliable…

Third, another trend that most definitely will grow is that I intend to start experimenting more with the style of my comics. This might mean that some of them will look like crap, but it will also mean that I’ll feel less stressed and bound by my usually slow, overly cautious, pedantic line drawing. I like that detailed style with its attempt at precision, but it requires me to be without a dead line, which clearly is not the case with these comics. It’s not exactly that this took less time to make, it’s just that I felt less stressed while making it because of the more casual, sketchy style. So expect more along those lines (probably more sketchy, or even much more sketchy, than in this comic) and a lot more different attempts at different styles. I’ll also try to start drawing these earlier in the day (as I did today) to give myself time to start over in case my experimentation results in complete and utter crap. In fact, that’s probably a necessity if I’m going to experiment like this.

Okay, shut up time for me!


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