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My Reality is My Thoughts…

Now this is a first (at least I don’t remember doing this before): a comic belonging to two different series. It started out as just another self-centered auto-biographical comic belonging in My Beard is taking over, and ended up also fitting into the old half-abandoned Squares & Bubbles.

When I first started thinking about making comics in different series, I thought about the possibility of comics belonging in several different series. I was inspired by the way this is handled in Sexy Losers (NSFW) where there are several semi-related simultaneously active series where some strips belong in several of them. The navigation there will allow you to go the next/previous strip in any of the containing series or in all the comics. I liked this interface (but have not duplicated it here due to lots of other issues with this site, some of these days I’ll fix the code and layout). Now, my different series are not related in content at all, but sometimes the style of a comic might nonetheless make it fit into several of them, as you can see above.

Anyway, I’ll stop talking now, probably no one is going to read this anyway.


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